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Minecraft Legends


Associate Game Designer | Senior QA Analyst


April 2020 - Present


Blackbird Interactive - Vancouver, BC


Minecraft Legends is an Action Strategy game set in the Minecraft Universe.

On Minecraft Legends I worked primarily on encounters for the campaign. Inheriting the Horde of the Bastion, I was responsible for all base varieties and sizes, while polishing the encounter experience for launch. Which included the following:

- Increasing the height of the bases to have a bigger presence and feel more imposing
- Improving on the variety of layouts that could be generated using the procedural placement rules
- Designing and implementing elements that cause the bases to feel like a maze
- Creating AI responses that would respond to the players actions and progress
- Adjusting placement preference rules for enemy structures
- Designed discrete encounters that acted as micro puzzles within a maze of obstacles
- Implementing audio cues, voice over and cinematic triggers

I was also responsible for creating tutorial content
- Designing and co-ordinating capture tasks for tutorial pages
- Implementing passive reminders to teach the player new mechanics
- Iterating on text phrasing and icon additions throughout the game

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